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Education symbols

Mix4Cycling integrates the Globe Cycling®, Schwinn® Cycling, Group Cycling® and Spinning® teaching symbols, allowing you to annotate your ride directly on the timeline. Gone are the days when you’d lose your course notes!

Harmonic Mix

Harmonic blending is the key to guaranteed success. Build your ripples as perfectly as possible, just as a professional DJ does. A fluid ride from start to finish. By taking the “Using Mix4Cycling software” course run by our Instructor Masteur, you’ll learn all the tricks of the harmony mixing trade. With a simple click, you can sort out hormone-compatible music.

Video export

Thanks to this function, you can export your sublime video to an external screen (TV screen, projector, giant led screen, etc.), which will carry participants out of the room.


Imagine being able to control Mix4Cycling’s PLAY, volume up and volume down functions from anywhere? Not only does this give you more independence, it also allows you to be more professional than ever. Finally, you won’t need to keep your computer next to you to launch your ride when you need it! Thanks to the coded software controller, you can more easily stay focused on your objectives without being encumbered by unnecessary distractions. Join the Mix4Cycling community today to enjoy superior service at your fingertips!”


Thanks to this mixing technique, you’ll easily bring energy to your rides on the highest peaks or decide to bring calm back to the room! The choice is yours…

The future of Mix4cycling

What you’ve always wanted: reliable, secure storage and sharing of your wrinkles! The Cloud is the ideal solution for keeping all your wrinkles in one place, accessible from anywhere. You’ll enjoy a quick and easy sharing experience thanks to a user-friendly online platform.

Export Cloud

Version V 2.0 of Mix4Cycling will allow you to export your ride, annotations and video to a Cloud (500 GB) and thus regain storage capacity on your personal computer.

You can then download your entire ride on either PC or Mac!


Version 3.0 of Mix4Cycling will allow you to import your rides, annotations and video onto your PC or Mac, as well as your rides and annotations onto your Android or Apple cell phone, and even your iPad!


Feel your wonderful wrinkles with Mix4Cycling.

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